A: You need to register with an approved distributor who will recommend you after a period of time. Contact details of our distributors are available in this website.

A: Our products are available all across the state. You will find it in supermarkets and from our authorized distributors and sub distributors.


A: You may file a report by sending us an email at info@evansng.com or call 09060003200; 08110050777


A: All our soaps have best before dates on the outer box and individual pack. We do not advise consumers to use any soaps which is past the expiry date.

A: Yes. The NAFDAC number is written in the outer box and individual pack of all our products.


A: All our product formulations undergo intensive research and consumer testing to ensure it doesn’t cause any allergies and irritations to consumers. 


A:  Aside from using long lasting perfumes and top notch packaging, all our products use innovative and high quality ingredients with lots of skin benefits. We offer consumers a wide range of choices to meet their skin care needs.


A: Definitely! We use the best quality soap base without any added fillers. Our TFM values are above 78% making it the highest in the industry. It cleans well without drying the skin.


A: We don’t compromise on the quality of our perfumes. Our business partners are experts in the industry and follow global regulations for fragrances to ensure consumer safety.


A: All our products are NAFDAC and MANCAP registered. Regular testing is being done both internally and by third party laboratories as required by the regulatory bodies.


A: Yes, we are regularly visited and have approval from NESREA, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Lagos State Ministry of Health, LASEPA and Lagos State Ministry of Environment.


A: Our huge range of complexion care, antibacterial and herbal soaps have been used for years by every Nigerian household and is known to care for both face and body. 


A: Yes, it is safe for washing the hair and will definitely leave it smelling clean and fresh for hours. However, it may lack some conditioning effects specific for hair care. 

A: To maintain the quality of our products, we recommend to store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, moisture or high humidity. After every use, it should be kept in a clean and dry soap holder.


A: We ensure we are up-to-date on the recent trends in product packaging and we benchmark global brands. We source our packaging materials both local and abroad to provide the best customer experience while maintaining value for their money.


A: Yes they are safe for children ages 3 and above. We recommend our Eva Baby and Unik Baby Soaps for children below 3 years old.


A: Yes, our charity course is handled by our head office, Ekulo Group of Companies.


A: You may get in touch with Ekulo Group of Companies through info@ekulogroup.net to express your interest.


A: We take health and safety seriously within our factory environment. Risk and safety assessments are done regularly as well as Safety PEP Talks, Safety Walks and Training. Our goal is to always achieve “Zero Accident” in the workplace, and maintain a healthy and safe environment in line with regulatory requirements.