Any individual, business, or organisation willing to partner with us needs to go through our Evans Distributor Qualification System (EDQS).


The EDQS is a single global platform that gives a complete overview of our distributors’ network with better understanding of how we operate. It also allows the organisation to support any distributor needing help in meeting essential criteria for doing business with us.


The Distributor Qualification System:


  • Our distributors should be able to buy and hold stocks for the organisation. This way, distributors will free up some working capital for the organisation.
  • It allows the organisation to better understand the potential risks and market equilibrium in various locations.
  • In terms of credit sharing, our distributors should be able to share credits with the organisation, as the organisation has limited access to the information about the creditworthiness of the end-users.
  • An aspiring distributor should be familiar with the State, Federal, and other government parastatals’ rules, and regulations on the market to be covered.
  • Our prospective distributors should be able to possess good market forecasting as they are closer to the market. They should be able to tell on time their end-users’ needs so the organisation can be in better position to provide superior value to her customers.

A successful registration in EDQS qualifies you to partner with us.


If you are an existing distributor and you have not completed the EDQS registration, kindly contact Evans Procurement/Business Unit or send a mail to