Evans Renews It’s Deal With Mercy Eke, Sophie Alakija And Venita Akpofure As Our Hawaii Brand Ambassadors

In its drive to consolidate a solid brand identity and to reach consumers on a consistent basis, Evans Industries, makers of Hawaii soap, Hawaii body lotion, Hawaii body spray and other Hawaii range of body care products have renewed the deal of its Hawaii  brand ambassadors with effect from July, 2021.


With the quality and class packaged in its Hawaii soap and other Hawaii body care brands, Evans wants  every adult to glow inside and out with the confidence that comes with feeling beautiful and Mercy Eke, Sophia Alakija and Venita Akpofure are the ideal ambassadors to help communicate this.


Evans Industries is reputed for creating and introducing to the market quality body care products that seek to satisfy the yearnings and preferences of our numerous customers. 


The three premium variants of the Hawaii soap – Hawaii Gold, Hawaii Papaya Calamansi and Hawaii Carrot are high quality soaps specially formulated for African skin. They are made with only the purest, carefully selected herbal ingredients which effectively lighten while gently exfoliating dead skin cells. 


The Hawaii Gold variant is made with multiple active ingredients  giving the benefits of triple whitening, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant, anti-stretch-mark and anti-aging.


The natural emollients in all the three variants enable the skin to retain moisture. While vitamin E provide protection from sun damage and helps the skin regain its lost radiance.


Make Hawaii soap the only soap that touches your skin! Pick your Hawaii soap today!!!