Our vision is to be the most valued company in home and personal care, while delivering high quality goods, exceeding customers expectation and achieving market leadership.


Our mission is to be the pace setter in high quality home and personal care product in Nigeria through innovation.


Our core values are as follows: Integrity, Respect, Quality, Team work, Innovation and Commitment.


All our products are NAFDAC approved. Our company is registered with International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015), this certification ensures that we produce to international standards throughout operation.


However, to ensure that all our products conform to the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS), we are registered with the Standard Organization of Nigeria Mandatory Confirmatory Assessment Program (SON MANCAP).


At Evans Industries our goals are to safeguard human and material resources, protect the health and safety of workers and people involved with the company’s value chain (including suppliers, customers, visitors and the general public). We also value and protect the environment



We reach out to communities across Nigeria educating them on the importance of keeping our environment clean. These outreaches aim to raise the national awareness on maintaining good personal hygiene.


We partner with foundations who work for the course of eradicating malaria such as Joyful foundation. We support with our Meditol Antimosquito soap to help reduce the number of people affected by malaria. Through these partnerships we raise awareness for Malaria and educate rural communities on how to protect themselves from this deadly disease. We also support due national and global crisis such as the COVID 19 pandemic.


We raise awareness though CSR activities such as walks and donations. The Meditol Walk was the first of its kind, where we brought out over 500 people to walk for malaria and raise awareness about the disease. We aim to continue to raise awareness and contribute to raising awareness on environmental issues.